MP3 Set (Download) - Grammar Plus: Music - Japanese Vocabulary - JLPT N4

Grammar Plus: Music - Japanese Vocabulary - JLPT N4

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This MP3 set, recorded by a Japanese native speaker and English native speaker, contains the core vocabulary from the JLPT N4. (This CD does not include the vocabulary needed for JLPT N5)

As well as 652 words, recorded in Japanese and English, it also contains all the other vocabulary items you need for this level. For example all the counters needed for that level and word suffixes such as てしまう, ばかり, まま, にくい and によると.

Note: Unlike the standard Grammar Plus product, this has classical music playing in the background as the vocabulary plays. 

Over 35 megabytes of CD-quality MP3 files, containing pairs of Japanese and English vocabulary.


Listen to the whole first track:


Included in the download:

  • Eight tracks of professionally recorded audio containing all of the core vocabulary in Japanese and English for level N4 of the JLPT exam.
  • An extra track containing the non-vocabulary items covered by the JLPT N4 exam. These are items such as word-endings, grammatical particles and counters.
  • A transcript of all the audio in Japanese and English. The Japanese is provided both in kanji and hiragana.

Why it rocks:

  • It's portable - Learn words anywhere. Travelling your car, jogging with an MP3 player or even play the words to yourself while you sleep.
  • You can test yourself - Japanese is spoken into your left ear, and English into your right. Pull out an earphone (or change the balance on your car stereo) to silence one language and test yourself on the English or Japanese meanings.
  • It works - I studied with these audio files (without the music) and passed the JLPT 3 (Now N4) in December 2006.

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